GoPro Accessories Kit


This top quality 60 in 1 combo accessory kit for your GoPro contains plenty of mounts, straps and accessories for capturing great angles of your both your adventures and day to day life!

It comes with a large zip closure carry case to keep both your camera and accessories safe and is made of high quality & durable material which offers great protection for the individual pieces. The mount connectors are compatible with Gopro HD hero 1 2 3 +3 and 4.

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GoPro Accessories Kit

Top Quality Material.

Easy to use

Cheapest on eBay

All in one conformed when using Gopro

The package includes

  • Storage bagx1
  • Selfie stick x1
  • Rotation Clip x1
  • Floaty bobber x1
  • Pouch pocket x1
  • Wrist strap x1
  • Mobile phone holder x1
  • Antifogging film x12
  • Silicone anti lost clasp
  • Wrench x1
  • Helmet belt x1
  • Wrist belt x1
  • Suction bracket x1
  • Chest belt x1
  • Headband x1
  • J type pedestal x2
  • Rapid moving base X4
  • Long screw x7
  • Short screw, x1
  • Floaty bobber Strap
  • Safety buckle
  • Long link x2
  • Short link x2
  • Short link screw
  • Flat adhesive x6
  • Arc adhesive x6
  • Helmet flat base x2
  • Helmet Arc base x2

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