This industrial grade fan heater is ideal for heating large spaces quickly and efficiently. Perfect for use in garages and large workshops, ensuring an energy efficient source of heat without having to be part of a central heating system. Not for use in smaller spaces or in domestic properties.

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Product Features:

A maximum heat output of 3KW ensures the fan can heat a wide range of workplaces and is ideal for large spaces.

The fan emits no fumes or odours, which in turn keeps workers safe and ensures that their focus is placed on their work.

Comes with three heat settings depending on the power level required, including 30W, 1500W and 3000W.

An adjustable thermostat allows the user to operate the fan at a level that is comfortable for them whilst also ensuring that they can alter the output if required.

Heavy duty steel element ensures high quality output and a long shelf life.

Thermal protection utilised on the fan motor to reduce the risk of burnout.

The fan can also be used on its own, making it ideal for summer use when the weather gets a little bit warmer.

Automatic cut off implemented to ensure the device shuts down if it detects that it is close to overheating.

A durable metal stand ensures the device can be left wherever you need to put it without worrying about if it will fall over.

Built-in carry handle means you can move it around the area to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Specifications (Approx):

Cable Length: 5 feet

Fitted with standard UK 3 pin plug

Dimensions 25.9cm X 25.9cm X 30cm

Weight: 4.2kg

Rated to IP44

CE approved

RoHS compliant

Additional information

Weight 1 kg


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