Hot And Cold Magnetic Wrist Wrap


3-in-1 relief Heat Therapy, Cold Therapy and Magnetic Wave™ Technology.

Retains body heat while helping to compress injured area.

Comfortable, lightweight design.

Convenient hook and loop fasteners.

Includes hot and cold gel pack – can be used frozen or heated.

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Magnetic Wrist Wrap

Magnetic Wrist Wrap Heat Therapy: For periodic treatment of aches and pains.

Cold Therapy: For periodic treatment of injuries such as sprains, strains,and  most importantly bruises.

Magnetic Therapy: Because Studies have shown that magnets may be an effective therapy therefore enhancing the relief of pain. 6 Powerful Neodymium Magnets – Strategically placed to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Gel Pack can be frozen or heated – slips easily into the wrap pocket.

Durable, quality construction for years of dependable use.

Comfortable, Lightweight design.

Premium Quality Neoprene – Retains natural body heat while helping to compress the injured area.

Heat Therapy – Increase Circulation, Soothes Muscles, Releases Tension.

Cold Therapy – Most importantly Decrease Swelling, Reduces Blood Flow.

Magnetic Therapy – Enhances the relief of pain  and therefore Improving Blood Flow.

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