3 X Medium Coarse Micro Replacement Rollers – FREE SCHOLL FOOT CARE CREAM INC WITH EVERY ORDER.

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The MRY PEDI MICRO ROLLERS replacement rollers developed specifically for the professional removal of hard skin from the feet.

You can do it right in your own home.

The unique skin on your feet is to withstand the day to day pressure Because of walking and most importantly standing,

but sometimes prolonged pressure or friction from ill-fitting shoes can cause hard skin to build up.

Foot care for healthy feet is important: after all, they’re with you throughout your life.

Attractively and ergonomically designed, the pedi mate special roller surface makes it easy

to effectively get rid of unsightly and sometimes uncomfortable hard skin safely.

To give yourself a professional-style pedicure at home, simply roll across the affected area with light to medium pressure and even movements; just repeat regularly for soft, smooth and supple feeling feet.


 3 x Pedi mate Refill rollers  PLUS FREE SCHOLL FOOT CREAM

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